WorkShop creates innovative places that small cities and towns need for existing talent to stay and to attract new talent.


Our schemes function as a platform for creativity and innovation to drive prosperity for the community in which they are placed.


We design destinations that are vibrant, social environments for people to work, shop, eat, drink, learn and be entertained in.


WorkShop’s low cost, flexible spaces are where first adopters rub shoulders with artisan producers, artists meet innovators, business meets pleasure and where creativity combines with commerce.

“There is no shortage of entrepreneurial talent in the UK but there have to be the opportunities and spaces to give this new talent a chance to develop and flourish. The innovation and creativity we have in this country is inspirational...”


Mary Portas

The Portas Review

We are a multi-disciplinary team of architects, designers, planning consultants, lawyers and retail experts. Our combined experience working with global corporations, not-for-profit organisations and local authorities enables us to deliver financially sustainable schemes that act as a catalyst for creativity, innovation and commerce in each location.


Once designed and built, our schemes will combine tried and trusted services and values: work; retail (including cafés, bars & restaurants); entertainment; community, education and inclusivity; support and mentoring to add long-term value to central, urban locations.

"As far as population size goes, big is no longer important, and it can even be a drawback. In fact, the future belongs more to second-tier cities. Any place can become a world-class centre today by finding an area in which it outperforms others, by thinking for the long term, by expanding its competitive abilities and by operating globally."


Charles Landry

We believe in a ‘whole house’ approach to the sustainability of our projects. Firstly the units themselves will be constructed from recycled shipping containers, specifically single trip high cube containers that have been shipped once from the Far East.


The units are inherently versatile as well as durable and may be configured in a variety of positions as the projects expand or contract. They are also lightweight in nature and require very little ground-works to support them which allows them to tread lightly on the earth and leave very little trace if moved to another location. They will be insulated with recycled materials and the energy required to supply the projects will be from sustainable sources.


We are committed to having a green thread running through all aspects of our projects from large components such as the structures themselves to our zero plastic policy for carrier bags. This commitment will ensure that our ethos of providing a stepping stone for new businesses will not be to the detriment of the environment.

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